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Intermediate Modeling Course
More Information :
Also individual weekend workshops now running ask in store or phone for more details. Now taking bookings for the childrens summer weekend workshops, just ask for details. To book simply email or call  053-9483676  Matthew
Equipment List:-
No.1 and Medium paintbrush (for water)
“pokey” tool.  PME no. 9
Small rolling pin  (6 to 9” long APPROX)
Sharp craft knife
Medium to large Star nozzle.
No. 2 nozzle
Pair of small scissors
icing sugar in small container or wrapped in muslin
Tylo Powder
Variety of coloured pastes
White petal paste
A pin stuck through a cork
A Box to take masterpieces home in every week!
Work board or Stay fresh mat
3 x 8”, 3x 6”, 1x 10”Strawboards
Small quantity royal icing
12” of Baking parchment approx
Large kids straw ( Mc Donalds type) or smiley tool
Set of Butterfly cutters
No.2 nozzle
Jem bootie cutters
Claret, orange & egg yolk yellow paste colours

Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft Classes

Intermediate Modeling Course

Intermediate Modeling Course

Week 1
Model an elephant and a cow.

Week 2

Model small hand bag and shoes and apply edible and non-edible jewels .

Week 3
Model a frog and scenery.

Week 4
Model a baby, learn hands, feet and facial expression.

Week 5
Make a chocolate biscuit handbag.

Week 6

Finalise the handbag cake with the design and added details.

Course Details

Start Date: 4th April 2016


                                          5th September 2016

Day / Time: Monday
7.30pm - 9.30pm
Location: The Cake Creator, McDermott Street, Gorey 

Serving Size Guide

Course Equipment & Accessories

Roll out icing

Roll out icing

Price: €3.50

Course Info

The cake creator is now running lessons for all levels of expertise in sugarcraft. All lessons are shown below, numbers are limited.

Lesson Structure:

  • Each lesson will normally be 2 hours.
  • 1-2-1 experience where the cake creator will come around the class and speak individually with each class member.
  • You will gain professional and invaluable tips in sugar craft.


Location McDermott Street, Gorey - Location to be confirmed

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