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Advanced Modeling Course
More Information :
Equipment List:-

• Non stick rolling Pin – 20” or bigger ( sugar paste lessons or Novelty cake Lessons).
• 9” non stick rolling pin (sugar flower course)
• Non stick board – available in 4”, 6”, 10, 14” – either will be fine.
• Cutters as per the lesson, orchid, rose petals, rose leaves, calyx ( dependant on the course  attended).
• Various paint brushes – 0, 00, 1, 2, 0r 3 also any of the flat brushes for dusting the flowers –  2, 3 or 4.
• Dusting colours, green, pink, yellow.
• Sugar glue.
• Sugar paste ( squires is advised).
• Cornflower for dusting.
• 20, 22, and 24 gauge florist wire for wiring the flowers.
• Florist tape, green, or pale green.
• 1 mtr of 3mm ribbon, colour required to compliment pink displays

Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft Classes

Advanced Modeling Course

Advanced Modeling Course

Week 1

Course overview. Practice hands feet and faces. We will pay particular attention to developing facial expressions, glasses, beards and moustaches.

Week 2
Start to make a sitting up character for a beach scene. We pay particular attention to the male and female torso.

Week 3

Bring in an iced cake and you will learn how to dowel it. We will then finish last week’s figure and use it to create a beach scene. Stars and hearts on wires.

Week 4

Make a castle or handbag.

Week 5

Standing up figure in a golf scene with particular attention to composition and continuing design on the side of the cake and the baseboard.

Week 6

Student’s choice of topic (or finish project from previous week)

Course Details

Start Date: 6th April 2019


            7th September 2019

Day / Time: Wednesday7.30pm  - 9.30pm
Location: The Cake Creator, No 3 Bridge Street, Arklow 

Serving Size Guide

Course Equipment & Accessories

Roll out icing

Roll out icing

Price: €3.50

Course Info

The cake creator is now running lessons for all levels of expertise in sugarcraft. All lessons are shown below, numbers are limited.

Lesson Structure:

  • Each lesson will normally be 2 hours.
  • 1-2-1 experience where the cake creator will come around the class and speak individually with each class member.
  • You will gain professional and invaluable tips in sugar craft.


Location McDermott Street, Gorey - Location to be confirmed

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